laboratorios montplet

Experts in disinfectants, insect repellents and personal care products

Laboratorios Montplet is specialized in the production, packaging and distribution of antiseptic and cosmetic products.

At Montplet we have always bet on R&D to continue growing and offer top-level products that meet the needs of the market.

At this time we dedicate all our efforts to the research and production of essential products that help cover the health needs derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal

Offer the best quality - price product relationship in addition to an excellent service

Our products

We offer a wide range of healthcare products: antiseptics, insect repellents, cosmetics and medical devices. All focused in personal care.

Suppliers of biocidal formulas

We can provide biocidal finished products formulas.

Third parties

We are experts in manufacturing under private label.

Regulatory affairs service

Highly specialized team in biocides, medical devices and cosmetic products regulations.